Experience Life Yourself

Everyone, at different times in their lives, has light bulb moments. Those random things that all of the sudden shoot a certain feeling and emotion through your mind. I had one of those moments while babysitting. I sat outside gazing at the 17month little girl splash around in the water of a small plastic pool. The 3D fish on the bottom were so incredibly fascinating to her, capturing all of her attention. The feeling of being wet, the cold temperature of the water, and the neighbor mowing his lawn kept her utterly amused. Thats when it hit me. She was experiencing the world while I was watching someone else experience it. We hold back in so many aspects of life. We play it safe in every area of uncertainty. Risk takers are rebels and are few. We are afraid to get wet. And yet this 17 month baby was braver than most adults in society these days. She walked, wobbly and uncertain, but in new directions. She splashed in the two feet of water not caring if the water splashed in her face. And the whole time with this ridiculously cute smile stretched across her face. Could you imagine how happy a world would be if everyone was as brave as she? What would life be like if no one played it safe and everyone took chances? Stop watching other people experience the world. Experience life yourself.


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