almost a senior 

Its almost done. Its almost time to move away from home. I guess its time to spread your wings and experience the real world 🙂 But with all the excitement from moving forward, there is a part of everyone hesitant to leave. To think that the people u go to school with every day, the kids you cheer on during athletics, the friends you go to dances with and the classmates you struggle through finals with…they will soon be mere names u throw out while retelling your childhood to your children.

Will we be in touch with any of them? Will we be able to place a face to their name ten years from now? Will these prominent figures in our everyday life even be remembered? Family…they won’t be at the dinner table. You will no longer be answering “where are you” texts or stopping at the grocery store on your way home to get eggs and flour for mom. In just one day you are no longer associated as the middle child between sibling one and two.

You are you…singular.

No longer identified by your high school or your sport’s position. Scary or wonderful? I guess thats the part you decide.


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