The Night Dreams Come True

prom. the night all of your dreams are suppose to come true. i am not even sure how that is suppose to happen. unless everyone’s dreams are within a crowded, sweaty dance room or in the loud and snug backseats of a limo. there is so much preparation that goes into the night that prom gets lifted upon this pedestal full of expectations that are too many times never met. the dress – where do you even start. it can’t be too fitted but nothing too flouncy. bright colors clash with the spray tan but dark colors are too limited. shoes…heels? flats? or match your date in sneakers? deciding on a hair style is a nightmare because you are forced with the idea that you may regret wearing your hair up instead of down. or that you should have curled it rather than leave it straight. make up is a dangerous area because you don’t want to be too bold but on the other hand there is the fear of just looking washed out. with all the prep done, you go with your date and group to take a thousand awkward pictures. but for some odd reason, you are having the time of your life. even though diner is super fancy and you eat like royalty trying not to spill anything, you enjoy every bite. when you step into the dance room, you are overwhelmed by this flood of music, bodies, and energy. you trip over shoes that have already been discarded. you quickly unstrap yours and throw them aside simply assuming you will be able to find them among the hundreds of others at the end of the night. you rush into the crowd and feel yourself become consumed among the kids you sit with everyday in history class. you engaged in a dancce battle with the dude who sits in the back corner in english. you slide into the photo booth with the cross country team. you share a snack plate with the senior exchange student from brazil. will you ever talk to any of these people again? probably not. but for tonight, we are all best friends. for one night, we are all equals. for one night we all go out together, in a blaze of glory. why prom? i have absolutley no idea!


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