The Reckless

It was late friday night and i was standing around in a parking lot lit up by two old street lights. Three friends stood near me as we talked. One of them grabbed a rickety black cart sitting near the dumpster. Soon, we were planning on racing around on the pavement with the cart. When asked who wanted to ride atop of the cart, one of my friends began to leave and said, “no thank you! I value my life too much to do that.”

Does the zeal for adventure or a thrill therefore classify one as ungrateful for their life?

If so, then answer this,

Person #1 goes about their life, carefully avoiding any chance of risk or accident and conserves their life.They skip potentially amazing experiences in order to keep their life in tact.

Person #2, risks their life on a daily bases. They live for the thrill, they enjoy the adventure, they explore the impossible.

Which one valued their life more? When person #1 dies, will they convince themselves that they lived their life to its full potential? Or will they regret not taking the chances person #2 took?
We are humans. There are so many incredibly insane things that we can do. Why waste that potential? Why bottle up that talent for fear of getting a scratch?
I rode on top of that cart that night. And as my friend ran behind pushing me around the lot, i felt sorry for the girl who denied the opportunity. She missed out on the cool breeze flying into my face. She missed out on the laughter coming from my friend pushing me. She missed out on the thrill of letting go and throwing your hands out with that dangerous feeling bouncing around in your gut. She missed out on the uncertainty of not knowing if I would make it around or end up face down on the pavement. And when when I jumped off the cart, breathless, I felt regret for her. Nothing could have compared to looking into our eyes, filled with excitement and accomplishment, yearning to do it all over again.
I believe that the reckless have a point. If we are only given one life, why would we sit around and guard it? I believe we were given one life in order that we should use it. See how far it can go. Test the human body. Explore the level of courage. For when I reach Heaven, I hope to tell God, “You gave me one life, and I did everything I could with it.”

The reckless are not stupid, nor ungrateful. The reckless are the ones who understand how much a life is worth. And they act accordingly.


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