Thoughts @11:45pm

“Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why.”

Newton asked why. Publicly. What if one of the million people who also saw the apple fall asked why, to himself? What if they spent countless nights researching, experimenting, and searching for an answer? I give 100% credit to Mr. Isaac Newton for his great find and his incredible knowledge. But what if someone else knew everything he did….before he did? What if someone wrote a better version of Romeo and Juliet, before Shakespeare was even born, and never shared it? What if Beethoven’s symphony was written by someone else who never published it? What if every single first time world record had already been completed by someone in the shadows?

How many people live on planet earth? If there are 7.3 billion people in the world, think of how many hidden prodigies there must be! Sure there are good musicians that you know of and that’s because they became known. Think of all the people who are just as good but haven’t become known!

Why care? Because it adds to the adventure and the thrill of life. Think of all the people you meet in a day. At your job. At school. While on the subway. At the neighborhood café. What if you met someone smarter than Einstein last night? What would you say if you knew the woman next to you in the elevator had written more sonnets than every poet combined? What if people knew what you could do? It would be as if you were meeting a celebrity every where you went. You could walk around as if famous yourself. You could meet the person who actually deserves the award someone else was given. You could meet someone who the rest of the world will never even know existed even though their accomplishments are a huge sensation contributed to someone else.

What if Isaac Newton wasn’t the first one to ask why, what if he isn’t the one we should remember?


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