First day of Classes

So here we are, spring semester. Fresh off of winter break and ready to take on another set of classes. Or so I thought. After a long three weeks off, I was ready to get into a busy schedule. My break had consisted of a few productive days and then weeks of boredom.  Sunday night I arrived back on campus, excited to be back, happy to be independent once again, and ready to start bright and early tomorrow. Thats when my alarm went off and all of my previous excitement slowly oozed its self away. My roommate and I headed down for breakfast around 7:45am and then walked off to our 8:30 class. The day had many ‘moments’ as I have my observed my life to be made up of. For example, my Spanish class. I knew this was going to be a hard one because the course is called “Intensive Spanish Conversation”. So theres that. I walk into this tiny little classroom which later only consists of 12 students and our professor. Class begins and I soon realize that this professor does not speak English. But rather, speaks to us in Spanish and at the speed one would find in an Eminem song. After only 3 minutes of this, a young man in the back stands up and declares “Yeah um…I can’t do this” and proceeds to leave the room. Or how during my Social Psychology class my professor demanded all 160 of us to stand up, remove our coats and hats, turn around, and do several sets of jumping jacks. Needless to say I made it back to my dorm safely and ready to watch some Netflix….until I flipped open my planner. 4.5 hours later, I had almost finished all my homework and wanted nothing more to crawl into my bed and sleep. And thats what I did. At 9:30pm. Thus, my first day back. The expectations I had held about being a morning person and enjoying the long hours of homework were clearly not met. However, there was something satisfying about going to bed completely exhausted from all the hard work you had put in. Sure I may never enjoy waking up early, especially not for my 8am tomorrow morning. And I am sure I will never happily plop down to enjoy hours of homework each night. But I do treasure the end of those days, when I have persevered through it all. As cheesy as that may sound.


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