Life…a coin toss?

A recent friend of mine was lamenting over the fact that it would be very difficult for him to make it on to Broadway. He said no matter how good you are, its all about whether or not you get picked up by the right people, “and that is only half something you can control”….

But isn’t the whole world like that? Isn’t everything simply a coin toss, luck of the draw, or choosing the right shooting star?

This is what I mean. I can study my ass off throughout college. I can graduate top of my class, advance further into grad school, and step out into the world an incredibly smart and accomplished individual. But I cannot hire myself….. I cannot guarantee myself a job. I can could go from four year lettered sports jock to a decorated college athlete, but I can not sign myself.

Its always going to be a 50/50 shot. But I don’t believe that means give up nor just throw your hands up and give in to fate. I think that means we have to push and strive our ways to that 50%. Too many people won’t do it. They know its not entirely in their hands so they walk away. They abandon the 50% that IS in their hands. Sure….I cannot hire myself. But I damn sure can better my chances of getting hired! I can make my 50% look pretty legit 🙂

Keep wishing on passing stars.

Call tails once and a while on the coin toss.

Don’t be afraid to pick a card, any card.

And once the card is in your hands, play it!

Don’t ever fold


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