Okay so I am at the library right now just doing some homework. Well, I should say I am trying to do some homework. There is a guy here who is sitting in the corner and Im kinda starring. Hahaha sorry not sorry? His head is resting on his palm right now and he is chewing on his pen. He has the other hand resting on the keypad of his laptop. He has this really cute jacket draped over his chair and this plastic bag full of highlighters next to him. He looks really smart 🙂 He just leaned back in his chair and kinda rolled his eyes. He is really concentrated and not giving up on whatever he is doing. He has short hair and this kinda scruffy face. Maybe he is a mountain man of sorts? Hahaha He has these white shoes on with the laces untied…very cool style. ohhh he just laughed! it was such a charming laugh – and now he is smiling! His teeth are really white

Shit! I think he just saw me looking!!! Casually trying to look like I am writing some sort of essay or report here. I absolutely love people! Everyone is so interesting and I really wish it wasn’t so socially awkward to stare at people. I could literally people watch as a career.

I wish I knew his name or something. Will probably never see him again at this big university. what a shame. what a shame….


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