“Just mayo please”

Yikes! Embarrassment. It is a real thing I can assure you. My life, as I have previously noted, is simply a series of awkward and embarrassing moments. But to be completely honest, I love them. Okay – well I don’t love them when they are occurring, I hate that part! I blush, deeply, and its pretty noticeable. Sometimes I let out a few awkward laughs. Or try to play with my phone but never can because my hands are always too sweaty. It always ends with me slipping out of the vicinity in a not so casual way. The worse ones, however, are when I can’t escape. Like today! I worked at a sandwich shop inside the university so everyone I am helping is technically my classmate….and they will probably see me again. It was during a major rush and as I was flying through sandwiches, a very attractive male was next in line. While trying to act cool, beautiful, experienced, young, mysterious, and intelligent all at the same time, I spread Frank’s Red Hot sauce all over his sandwich when he had in fact simply asked for mayo. Yup…..thats my life. Last week I went to work, rushed off to church, and then went over to a family dinner with my friend all the while not knowing I had ripped a giant hole in the crotch of my jeans….But the best one was during a spanish skit in my class on Monday. My group and I were doing a scene on a bus and my line, as the pregnant lady, was suppose to be “My baby is due any minute and I hope I don’t have it on the bus” and instead I told the class full of students that I was “Going to make a baby any minute and I hope it is on this bus”…..thank god my professor is a chill dude and was able to kindly correct my translation.

And although all these situations suck in the moment, I love that I have them. They teach me so much about humility and to be honest, they have made me a much more relaxed person. I know that sooner or later I am gonna mess up or something embarrassing is going to happen. Im always in the wrong place at the wrong time. This knowledge really helps me walk through life carefree since I have come to accept my fate. Being up tight, caring about everyone’s opinion – that is so exhausting.

Side note: I am not encouraging that you seek out awkward situations, don’t! They are embarrassing. But if it happens, it happens. Move on and get over it. I always do

Plus anyways, I look cute when Im blushing


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