h a p p y

Isn’t it completely and utterly mind blowing what one person can do to you? How one person can make or break your day. How one person can motivate you or tear you down. How one person can comfort you or leave you. How one person can love you….

Spoiler alert: I am in a relationship. God that sounds weird. About two months ago I went on my second ever date and it went really well. Since then things have still been going well. First ever boyfriend, it’s a big step! hahahaha

It’s a weird adventure though and I am completely unexperienced when it comes to this field. The first time he tried to kiss me, he leaned in close and right before he closed his eyes I said “Oh! I have to pee!” and proceeded to exit the room, leaving the poor man confused and abandoned. I was impressed though, because the next day he asked me out again! I thought I was a goner, that was a close one.

The things he says to me, sometimes the stupidest jokes or the randomness of an early morning text with a cheesy pick up line – they make me smile, uncontrollably. My roommate laughs when she sees my silly smile that only he can put on my face. I’m so happy. So, honestly happy.

And most of all, I don’t think I have ever loved myself as much as I have in these past few months. Not to sound vain or narcissistic. I wake up and leave for classes confident in my skin. My clothes have never felt so good and my face has never smiled so much. My positivity levels have skyrocketed and most days are good. The way he treats me, the things he says to me, and his respect for me makes me respect myself so much more. He compliments my good features and accepts my flaws which makes me want to work even harder to be a better version of myself.

I think this is what being in love is like. Not only am I falling for everything that makes him the man that he is, I am finally accepting and loving myself for the woman I am.

Now! Yes, I know I am young and I haven’t been with him for very long…..but I think I know. I won’t tell him for a while yet, but I am glad I have told myself. It’s scary and exciting and wonderful and gut wrenching and world tipping all at the same time.

I believe it is completely and utterly mind blowing what one person can do to you.


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