The Night Dreams Come True

prom. the night all of your dreams are suppose to come true. i am not even sure how that is suppose to happen. unless everyone’s dreams are within a crowded, sweaty dance room or in the loud and snug backseats of a limo. there is so much preparation that goes into the night that prom gets lifted upon this pedestal full of expectations that are too many times never met. the dress – where do you even start. it can’t be too fitted but nothing too flouncy. bright colors clash with the spray tan but dark colors are too limited. shoes…heels? flats? or match your date in sneakers? deciding on a hair style is a nightmare because you are forced with the idea that you may regret wearing your hair up instead of down. or that you should have curled it rather than leave it straight. make up is a dangerous area because you don’t want to be too bold but on the other hand there is the fear of just looking washed out. with all the prep done, you go with your date and group to take a thousand awkward pictures. but for some odd reason, you are having the time of your life. even though diner is super fancy and you eat like royalty trying not to spill anything, you enjoy every bite. when you step into the dance room, you are overwhelmed by this flood of music, bodies, and energy. you trip over shoes that have already been discarded. you quickly unstrap yours and throw them aside simply assuming you will be able to find them among the hundreds of others at the end of the night. you rush into the crowd and feel yourself become consumed among the kids you sit with everyday in history class. you engaged in a dancce battle with the dude who sits in the back corner in english. you slide into the photo booth with the cross country team. you share a snack plate with the senior exchange student from brazil. will you ever talk to any of these people again? probably not. but for tonight, we are all best friends. for one night, we are all equals. for one night we all go out together, in a blaze of glory. why prom? i have absolutley no idea!


¿ inside out ?

// if the beauty is suppose to be from the inside, then why do people judge the outside so critically? Why can parents make off handed jokes about your weight? Why can classmates laugh at your clothes? Why can photographers completely edit your smile? Why can your boss fire you based on how many piercings you have? Why can grandparents skip birthdays because your tattoos disturb them? I believe its because we let them. I let everyone’s opinion get into my head and mess me up. I let everyone’s judgement refrain me from doing/wearing/acting how I want. We let other people influence us to the point where we aren’t even ourselves, we are what they made us to be. We act how they want/like. We dress so we can avoid their criticism. We skip meals so we don’t have to be the butt of their jokes. We smother our morals so we can fit in. To truly be yourself is a choice you have to make daily. A choice you have to uphold, even when its hard. Once accepted, your independence and strength will be something people will not only admire but envy. If you want to be identified by your inside, personality, ideas, and dreams  –  then give that to people. Don’t let them characterize your exterior as your soul //

 An old Cherokee told his grandson,

“My son, there is a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is not us, its Evil. it is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies and ego. The other is us, its Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, empathy and truth.”
The boy thought about it, and asked,
“Grandfather, which wolf wins?”
The old man quietly replied,

“The one you feed.”

almost a senior 

Its almost done. Its almost time to move away from home. I guess its time to spread your wings and experience the real world 🙂 But with all the excitement from moving forward, there is a part of everyone hesitant to leave. To think that the people u go to school with every day, the kids you cheer on during athletics, the friends you go to dances with and the classmates you struggle through finals with…they will soon be mere names u throw out while retelling your childhood to your children.

Will we be in touch with any of them? Will we be able to place a face to their name ten years from now? Will these prominent figures in our everyday life even be remembered? Family…they won’t be at the dinner table. You will no longer be answering “where are you” texts or stopping at the grocery store on your way home to get eggs and flour for mom. In just one day you are no longer associated as the middle child between sibling one and two.

You are you…singular.

No longer identified by your high school or your sport’s position. Scary or wonderful? I guess thats the part you decide.

Experience Life Yourself

Everyone, at different times in their lives, has light bulb moments. Those random things that all of the sudden shoot a certain feeling and emotion through your mind. I had one of those moments while babysitting. I sat outside gazing at the 17month little girl splash around in the water of a small plastic pool. The 3D fish on the bottom were so incredibly fascinating to her, capturing all of her attention. The feeling of being wet, the cold temperature of the water, and the neighbor mowing his lawn kept her utterly amused. Thats when it hit me. She was experiencing the world while I was watching someone else experience it. We hold back in so many aspects of life. We play it safe in every area of uncertainty. Risk takers are rebels and are few. We are afraid to get wet. And yet this 17 month baby was braver than most adults in society these days. She walked, wobbly and uncertain, but in new directions. She splashed in the two feet of water not caring if the water splashed in her face. And the whole time with this ridiculously cute smile stretched across her face. Could you imagine how happy a world would be if everyone was as brave as she? What would life be like if no one played it safe and everyone took chances? Stop watching other people experience the world. Experience life yourself.

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